Security Keys
Take control of your workplace security with a Patent Protected Registered Master Key System.

By having a Restricted Key System installed, you take back control of the keys associated with your workplace.

Some of the benefits of choosing security keys over standard keys include:
>> Systems can be designed to allow each employee access only to the doors you specify for him/her.
>> All locks and keys are registered, recorded and readily available for reference at any time.
>> Keys are protected by patent and therefore cannot be duplicated elsewhere.
>> At any time, you are able to determine how many keys have been issued.
>> When employees move on, you can rest assured that they haven't had a spare key cut.
>> Avoid the headaches of which key works which door - reduce your keyring to a single workplace key.
>> Have peace of mind that previous occupants don't have access to your premises.

Put the control back in your hands and have a Restricted Security Key System installed at your workplace today. To investigate the possibilities further, please contact us to arrange a free on-site assessment.