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Installing a mechanical digital lock is ideal for doors with a medium level of use where distributing keys to a large number of people may not be practical, or where access needs for the door change on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Mechanical digital locks can usually only have one code, which cannot contain repeating numbers, and can be entered in any order. For example, the code 5432, would open a lock set to code 2345. Regardless of the order, as long as the correct numbers are pressed, the code will be deemed as correct.

Some mechanical digital locks come with key over ride capability. Changing the combination on these types of locks requires removing the lock from the door, and may require a locksmith to attend to complete the change properly.

When compared to Electronic Digital Locks, Mechanical Digital Locks are less secure, less versatile, contain more moving parts and can be manipulated to open. This does not mean a mechanical digital lock is not the right choice for you, but these factors should weigh into the decision when considering if it is the right choice for a particular application.

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